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  • A

    Advanced Steels and Properties

  • B

    Advanced Processing of Materials

  • C

    Structural Materials for High Temperature

  • D

    Light Metals and Alloys

  • E

    Additive Manufacturing

  • F

    Thin Films and Surface Engineering

  • G

    Energy Materials

  • H

    Electronic and Magnetic Materials

  • I

    Biomaterials and Soft Materials and their Application

  • J

    Materials Characterization and in situ/3D/4D Analysis

  • K

    High-Entropy Materials and Amorphous Materials

  • L

    Composite, Coating and Hetero-Materials

  • M

    Nano Materials and Nano Severe Plastic Deformation

  • N

    Computational Materials and Artificial Intelligence

  • O

    Materials for Sustainability (Green Steel, Recycling, and Corrosion)